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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Markus Brunetti / FACADES. Kathedralen, Kirchen, Klöster in Europa

  • facades-MAKK_ DUOMO SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA PISA © Markus Brunetti 2014.jpg

    © DUOMO SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA PISA © Markus Brunetti 2014

Since 2005 Markus Brunetti has been fully dedicated to the fascination of architectonic structures. For this reason he took off on a voyage that continues to this day, and employs a complex method to photograph façades of cathedrals, churches and cloisters throughout Europe, in order to subject them to highly complex image processing, developed by him, afterwards. Beholders standing in front of the works are moved straight away by the accuracy of detail and depth of focus which recall engravings by Old Masters.

Suggested by:  THOMAS HOEPKER und  UTE NOLL

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MAKK - Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln
An der Rechtschule
50667 Köln - Altstadt-Nord

Markus Brunetti

20.08. to 14.12.2014


19.08.2014 19:00 h

Opening hours

11 – 17h
Mo closed
First Thu of the month 11 – 22h

Festival opening hours

16.-21. Sept bis 21h

Entrance Fee

3,- €, ermäßigt 2,- €



MAKK - Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln

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