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The Photoszene Festival offers diverse photographic opportunities in the form of workshops, lectures, events, guided tours, debates and many more. Here’s an overview of selected highlights!

Chargesheimer Reloaded

Chargesheimer Reloaded Damian_kl.jpg
Photoszene, The PhotoBookMuseum, Galerie Lichtblick and Pixum invited all Cologne residents to send them their entirely personal view of their city. There was one condition: The photos (in homage to "Köln 5 Uhr 30" by Cologne-based photographer...


The Photobook-Salon

Fotobuch Salon neu.jpg
Affectionately and well-meaningly one moment, meanly and maliciously the next, and drawing inspiration from the legendary “Literary Quartet” debates, Damian Zimmermann (Photoszene), Markus Schaden (, Wolfgang Zurborn (Lichtblick School)...


Professional's Choice

ProfessionalsChoice Logo.jpg
At the start of the Festival week Photoszene will be inviting international photography experts to visit the exhibition trail in the city and pronounce their recommendations for visitors. This Professional’s Choice will be put online from 17...


Portfolio-Review: SICHTBAR

Cologne is a photography metropolis. And SICHTBAR is the portfolio review as part of the Photoszene Festival. Photographers are cordially invited to submit their portfolios and discuss their own photographic work with renowned reviewers from the...


Silver and Bytes

On 19 September schaelpic photokunstbar is inviting contemporary photographers to the portfolio presentation at Photoszene centre MAKK. The artists such as Stefan Sappert, Thomas Bachler and Jürgen Hermann Krause...


Wall & Paper?

Kee visual idee Plakat (3 von 4).jpg
"The PhotoBook is THE appropriate form of presentation for photography" according to a press release by The PhotoBookMuseum, which opens its doors on August 19th as the first of its kind in the world. Is that the case? Without a doubt, in recent...


Photographer's Night

This year’s theme for what is now already the 5th “Photographer's Night” is “Reportage photography and modern photojournalism”. The motive behind this chosen theme was the fatal attack on photographer Anja Niedringhaus. Among...


Magnum BookMaking Masterclass

Magnum klein.jpg
The Magnum BookMaking Masterclass is a one-day workshop exclusively organized by the renowned Magnum photographic agency. Together with well-known Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins, the participants will...