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Photographer's Night

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    © Daniel Etter

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    © Gerd Ludwig

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    © Dominic Nahr

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    © Christoph Bangert

Thu 18 Sept 20.15h (entrance 19.45h) MAKK
Artist presentations and discussion 

This year’s theme for what is now already the 5th “Photographer's Night” is “Reportage photography and modern photojournalism”. The motive behind this chosen theme was the fatal attack on photographer Anja Niedringhaus. Among other questions raised by this are: What can reportage photography/ modern photojournalism still achieve today? Is it morally justifiable to work in crisis areas as a photographer and what form of presentation can succeed in formulating these sensitive image contents appropriately? Manfred Linke, the initiator of the “Photographer’s Night”, has been able to gain high-calibre guests for this evening this year once again. The internationally deployed photographers Christoph Bangert, Daniel Etter, Dominic Nahr and Gerd Ludwig will introduce themselves and their works and attempt to find answers to these and other questions. Dr. Jörg Biesler will be the evening’s guide.

Fee (19€ + AS) on and 19h box office (24,50 €).
Contact: Manfred Linke (concept and organisation)/UTOPIA Images

Christoph Bangert

Christoph Bangert is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist who specializes in reportages on political events and from war and crisis zones. Among other places he has already photographed in Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Nigeria,...


Daniel Etter

Daniel Etter is a freelance photographer and author. He is a graduate of the German School of Journalism, has a Master’s in political science and is a beneficiary of the Kathryn Davies Fellowship for Peace.His photos have been published among...


Gerd Ludwig

Gerd Ludwig studied photography under Prof. Steinert at what is now the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. He is co-founder of the photo agency VISUM and has worked for magazines such as Stern, Life, National Geographic Magazine, Spiegel,...


Dominic Nahr

Dominic Nahr, who is based in Nairobi (Kenya), was born in 1983 in Switzerland, grew up in Hong Kong and studied until 2008 at Ryerson University in Toronto.For his works in Sudan, Somalia, Egypt and in the Democratic Republic of Congo he has...