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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne


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    © Tamara Lorenz

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    © Tamara Lorenz

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    © Tamara Lorenz

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    © Tamara Lorenz

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    © Tamara Lorenz

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    © Tamara Lorenz

Lorenz builds backdrop-like sets that enable her to capture, on the camera plate, picture planes that progress into the depths within a single shot. With these works it is completely impossible to define the spatial conditions, to find one's way in them. These are real situations, which, with the aid of the photo composition and the photographic resources, are shifted into an impenetrable and mysterious media reality. Sabine Elsa Müller/ artblogcologne

Suggested by: KAROL HORDZIEJ and  UTE NOLL

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Forum für Fotografie
Schönhauser Str. 8
50968 Köln - Bayental

Tamara Lorenz

07.09. to 02.11.2014


06.09.2014 16:00 h

Opening hours

Wed – Fr 14 – 18h
Sa 12 – 18h, Sun 12 – 16h

Entrance Fee

2€, ermäßigt/ reduced 1€


Forum für Fotografie

Forum für Fotografie

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