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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Strukturen in Fläche und Raum - Wasser und Wände

  • Strukturen_in_Flaeche_und_Raum_1.jpg

    © Norbert Otto

  • Strukturen_B.jpg

    © Annelie und Uwe Hoffmanns

  • Strukturen_C.jpg

    © Annelie und Uwe Hoffmanns

  • Strukturen_und_Flaechen_im_Raum_01.jpg

    © Annelie und Uwe Hoffmanns

  • Strukturen_in_Flaeche_und_Raum_2.jpg

    © Norbert Otto

  • Strukturen_in_Flaeche_und_Raum_3.jpg

    © Norbert Otto

Through the selection of the image detail and the composition of colour and graphical elements an aesthetic develops that gives a specific individuality to the water and the walls. At the same time, reality does not become alien, but the photographers’ highly personal view of the motifs is recorded.

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Galerie Smend
Mainzer Str. 37
50678 Köln - Neustadt-Süd

Annelie und Uwe Hoffmanns; Norbert Otto

08.09. to 13.09.2014


08.09.2014 17:00 h

Opening hours

daily 11 – 20h


Annelie und Uwe Hoffmanns

Galerie Smend

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