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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Schichten // Ver_Liebt

  • Schichten_VerLiebt_01.jpg

    © Inge Habermann

  • Schichten_VerLiebt_03.jpg

    © Sonja Werner

  • Schichten_VerLiebt_02.jpg

    © Inge Habermann

  • Schichten_VerLiebt_04.jpg

    © Sonja Werner

Schichten: Billboards are the departure point of the work of Cologne-based photographer Inge Habermann. In randomly created torn-off posters her gaze discovers new planes of significance and visual worlds. She creates new realities, but above all she shows the poetry of the everyday. Sonja Werner's work VER_LIEBT: loved, lost: the waking and sleeping dreams between sweet and bitter, yearning and letting go. Surroundings become blurred, outlines hazily shadowy. Outside, the seeing and feeling eye. Inside only: LOST.

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Sonja Werner Fotografie
Siebachstr. 45
50733 Köln - Nippes

Inge Habermann // Sonja Werner

16.09. to 21.09.2014

Opening hours

daily 14 – 16h

Festival opening hours

19. Sept 19 – 22h
20.+21. Sept 11 – 19h

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19.09.2014 19 h


Sonja Werner Fotografie

Sonja Werner Fotografie

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