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Schau hin, wie schön ich bin! – Aktfotografie im Wandel der Zeit

  • Schau hin_Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes_01.jpg

    © Courtesy Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes

  • Schau hin_Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes_02.jpg

    © Édition Léda - Cliché C. Pré

  • Schau hin_Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes_03.jpg

    © Jürgen Wassmuth

  • Schau hin_Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes_04.jpg

    © Christian Staub

  • Schau-hin_Galerie-Kunstwerk-Nippes_05.jpg

    © Udo P. Klein

  • Schau hin_Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes_06.jpg

    © Botond

The nude is a classic motif in artistic photography. The desire to present oneself naked is in close symbiosis with the photographer's desirous gaze at his model. An appealing alternation between showing and concealing, between prudery and curiosity. A richly faceted body image has been created over time. With more than 100 pictures we show the bare facts in their poetic, provocative, staged and deformed form from more than 100 years and by more than 30 photographers.

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Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes
Baudristr. 5
50733 Köln - Nippes

u.a.: Bell, Botond, Duchow, Klein, Petri, Purtell, Särchinger, Wassmuth, Zownir

06.09. to 31.10.2014


05.09.2014 18:00 h

Opening hours

Thu, Fr 15 –19h
Sa 11 – 15h

Festival opening hours

16. – 18. Sept 15 – 19h
19. Sept 15 – 22h
20.+21. Sept 11 – 19h


Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes

Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes

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