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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne


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    © Timo Schmidt

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    © Timo Schmidt

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    © Timo Schmidt

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    © Timo Schmidt

The work "Rakel" deals with a contemporary aura. A conceptual aura, which survives in its dialectic. Thus, the balancing act between concrete and abstract elements in the conceptualized image becomes an actual object. On the one hand, the actual studio situation with the apparent echo of an artist and/or his works. On the other, the act of looking for clues and of examination in the abstract.

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Welten Daneben
Lichtstraße 46
50825 Köln - Ehrenfeld

Timo Schmidt

30.08. to 27.09.2014

Opening hours

17 – 19h
Mo closed

Festival opening hours

19. Sept bis 22h
20.+21. Sept 11 – 19h

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27.09.2014 19 h


Welten Daneben

Welten Daneben

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