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Children in mines, in factories, glassworks, spinning mills, working as errand boys or as “newsies”, as newspaper vendors or at work in the fields – their age, depending on employment, about 4 years and up. The photographer Lewis Wicked Hine worked from 1908 until 1924 for the National Child Labor Comittee, which campaigned for the abolition of child labour in the USA at the start of the 20th century. Hine kept a diary in which he noted age, name, employment, and impressions. He willed his property to the New York Photo League.

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Galerie Arbeiterfotografie
Merheimer Str. 107
50733 Köln - Nippes

Lewis Hine

06.09. to 24.09.2014


04.09.2014 20:00 h

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Wed – Thu 19 – 21h, Sa 11 – 14h
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Galerie Arbeiterfotografie

Galerie Arbeiterfotografie

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