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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Faszination von Polaroid / Sofortbild

  • faszination-kilo.png

    © Döring-Spengler-Krajewski-Neuse

  • faszination-von-polaroid-sofortbild_Guenter Krajewski.jpg

    © Günter Krajewski

  • faszination-von-polaroid-sofortbild_Herbert Doering_Spengler.jpg

    © Herbert Döring-Spengler

  • faszination-von-polaroid-sofortbild_WHG-Neuse.jpg

    © WHG-Neuse

Original Polaroids, Impossible and Polapaintings at Galerie KILO. Three multimedia artists, who have been experimenting with the medium of Polaroid and Impossible for many years and who have made themselves a name in this field of unusual photo art. Each of the artists is going to design their own space and present results from recent years. A special limited edition of the three artists will be published for photokina 2014.

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Galerie KILO
Hauptstr. 119 a - direkt an der A3
53797 Lohmar

Herbert Döring-Spengler, Günter Krajewski, Wilfred H.G. Neuse

19.09. to 30.11.2014


19.09.2014 18:00 h

Opening hours

daily 11 – 19h
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the festival week
by appointment only: 
+49(0) 163 1364978

Galerie KILO

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