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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

FACETTEN - Menschen, Lebensräume, Abstraktes

  • FACETTEN_Fotografie made with love_1.jpg

    © Gerd Günzel und Bettina Becker

  • FACETTEN_Fotografie made with love_2.jpg

    © Bettina Becker

  • FACETTEN_Fotografie made with love_3.jpg

    © Gerd Günzel

  • FACETTEN_Fotografie made with love_4.jpg

    © Kirsten Radermacher

The group exhibition by Bettina Becker, Gerd Günzel and Kirsten Radermacher is richly faceted. The artists have been brought together by a photo seminar by Cologne-based photographer Ellen Bornkessel on their search for their individual perspective; consequently, the photographic viewpoints of the three artists differ immensely. Visitors are invited to encounter these facets of the joint exhibition and to discover the “unfamiliar well-known”.

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Fotografie made with love, Atelier Ellen Bornkessel
Sechzigstr. 32
50733 Köln - Nippes

Bettina Becker, Gerd Günzel, Kirsten Radermacher

14.09. to 27.09.2014


14.09.2014 14:00 h

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27.09.2014 18 h


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Fotografie made with love

Fotografie made with love, Atelier Ellen Bornkessel

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