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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Dada Pop

  • DadaPop_microgalerie_kathrin_esser_01.jpg

    © Kathrin Esser

  • © Urszula Golaszewska

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    © Kathrin Esser

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    © Kathrin Esser

  • © Urszula Golaszewska

  • © Urszula Golaszewska

Kathrin Esser and Urszula Golaszweska are present both in front of and behind the camera, acting in their photography as artist and model. The colourful portraits have a dreamily playful and intuitive effect; draped objects lose their original meaning, are freely staged. The artists’ desire is to waken the inner child. Off we all go on a journey back to the past, to unselfconsciousness.

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micro galerie
Mülheimer Freiheit 142
51063 Köln - Mülheim

Kathrin Esser & Urszula Golaszewska

19.09. to 21.09.2014


19.09.2014 19:00 h

Opening hours

daily 11 – 20h


Vernissage Rahmenprogramm Musik von DJ Martin Schmitz


micro galerie

micro galerie

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