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    © Franziska Stünkel

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    © Franziska Stünkel

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    © Franziska Stünkel

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    © Franziska Stünkel

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    © Franziska Stünkel

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    © Franziska Stünkel

Franziska Stünkel has been working on one series of photographs for years. The visual starting point is formed by reflections in panes combined with photographs with no digital editing, lending expression to the fascinating diversity and simultaneity in her visual worlds. “Reflections enable simultaneous living to be perceived. “We all live in coexistence,” says Franziska Stünkel. Her works display cultural specificities of the places where they were created and ways of living, and they reflect commonalities around the world.

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Art Galerie 7 - Meike Knüppe
St. Apern-Straße 7
50667 Köln - Altstadt-Nord

Franziska Stünkel

05.09. to 11.10.2014


05.09.2014 18:00 h

Opening hours

Tue – Fr 12 – 19h
Sa 12 – 17h 


Art Galerie 7

Art Galerie 7 - Meike Knüppe

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