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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Clegg & Guttmann - The Collector, his Father and their Collection

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    © Galerie Mirko Mayer / Sammlung Rolf Mayer / Clegg & Guttmann

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    © Galerie Mirko Mayer / Sammlung Mirko Mayer / Clegg & Guttmann

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    © Galerie Nagel Draxler / Clegg & Guttmann

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    © Galerie Mirko Mayer / Sammlung Rolf Mayer / Clegg & Guttmann

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    © Galerie Mirko Mayer / Sammlung Rolf Mayer / Clegg & Guttmann

Gallery Mirko Mayer shows in collaboration with gallery Nagel Draxler selected works from the very beginning of Clegg & Guttmann’s carrier to the most recent works. The core of the exhibition curated by Clegg and Guttmann are never shown still lifes and portraits from the eighties. A collaboration of the artists with the collector Rolf Mayer enabled the production of these early works.

In 1983 Clegg & Guttmann had their first exhibition in Stuttgart with the Kubiniski gallery. During the show Clegg & Guttmann met the collector of photography Rolf Mayer who had an extraordinary collection of 19th century photography and developed in interest in contemporary art photography.

Rolf Mayer and Clegg & Guttmann developed a personal friendship and spoke at length about the problematic of art and photography and the challenges of contemporary artists who wish to use photography as an artistic medium. 

In 1983 Rolf Mayer has decided to ask Clegg & Guttmann for a special contract in exchange for a monthly stipend they would give him a certain number of works; that was the origin of the still life collection that Rolf Mayer and Mirko Mayer now own. This collection is currently the biggest private collection of still life photographs by Clegg & Guttmann.

‘The Collector, his Father and their Collection’ exhibition at the Mirko Mayer gallery is an opportunity for the public to see for itself the original collection augmented by newer works by Clegg & Guttmann.


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Galerie Mirko Mayer
Erftstrasse 29
50672 Köln - Neustadt Nord

Clegg & Guttmann

05.09. to 01.11.2014


05.09.2014 19:00 h

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Galerie Mirko Mayer

Galerie Mirko Mayer

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