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22nd International Photoszene Festival

16 - 21 September 2014 in Cologne

Charisma Paris

  • charisma_paris_hotel_wasserturm_01.jpg

    © Jo Fober

  • Charisma_Paris_Mosler1.jpg

    © Guido Mario Mosler

  • Charisma_Paris_Mosler2.jpg

    © Guido Mario Mosler

  • Charisma_Paris_Mosler3.jpg

    © Guido Mario Mosler

  • Charisma_Paris_Fober2.jpg

    © Jo Fober

  • Charisma_Paris_Fober3.jpg

    © Jo Fober

The two Cologne-based photographers Jo Fober and Guido Mario Mosler show two positions in the perception of city life. "Charisma Paris" unites Fober's richly contrasting architectural and street images with Mosler's shimmering water and asphalt reflections and painting-like pinhole camera shots. Fober develops a new view of infrastructure and transfers the no-bleach method from the analogue to the digital world. Mosler’s groups of works are defined by the impact and meaning of blurriness.

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Hotel Wasserturm
Kaygasse 2
50676 Köln - Altstadt-Süd

Jo Fober, Guido Mario Mosler

05.09. to 17.10.2014


05.09.2014 19:00 h

Opening hours

daily 10 – 22h


Zur Vernissage singt und spielt Brigitte Fulgraff Chansons.


Hotel im Wasserturm

Hotel Wasserturm

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